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Converge undertook the implementation in Magneto while we provided the whole design of the eshop. Thanks to its responsive design the purchases are made more easier than ever.

22 Jan


parabita blog

Thumbs-up! One more Magento eshop developed and supported by Converge. We undertook the development and support of parabita eshop.

19 Jan


Bitdefender blog

We are extremely proud to announce our new collaboration with Bitdefender, the global leading technology player in the software security market.

18 Jan


We have undertaken the monthly maintenance and support of the global website of APIVITA (online presence in 6 regions).

29 Apr

MJ Maillis Group

We offer maintenance and support to MJ Maillis Group’s corporate website and lately we provide them Email Marketing services.

29 Apr


We provide maintenance and support to Nibras, the Arab World’s first e-learning portal for Continuing Professional Education (CPE).

29 Apr


We have been selected to design and develop the new Vardas eStore.

29 Apr