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Converge is a PayPal Partner has developed many paypal and PayPal express integrations in several eshops and platforms. All eRetailers should start accepting payments online by integrating PayPal into their website and instantly begin to use PayPal’s tools to grow and manage their business.

See how PayPal can help eRetailers do just that.

Bet on the Legendary Security

PayPal is a globally established and renowned brand. It did not happen by accident. The company was founded in 1998 and became the leading online and mobile payment service provider. Long-term experience in providing proven and safe solutions resulted in the trust of over 157 million active PayPal users worldwide.

With PayPal, the World Is Your Oyster

International commerce is one of the most efficient methods of increasing the conversion rate. Thanks to PayPal, you get access to millions of buyers worldwide. PayPal operates in 203 countries and supports payments in 26 currencies. Your customers pay in the language of their choosing using a debit card, a credit card or PayPal account balance.

You Take Advantage of Tailor-Made Solutions

It doesn’t matter whether your online sales adventure is only beginning or if you already are a big eCommerce market player – PayPal offers solutions tailored to your individual business needs. Choose PayPal Express and start selling.

PayPal is Easy to Use and Quick to Integrate

PayPal is one of the most popular forms of payment chosen by Internet users worldwide – it is easy to use and does not require time-consuming configuration or expert knowledge. Integrating with PayPal takes only a few moments, you can take advantage of logos, banners and buttons and you can count on expert support at each stage of integration.

PayPal Remains at the Forefront of the Latest Developments

PayPal Security is more than a buzzword. User payments and finances are secured using constantly developing, state-of-the-art technology.  Furthermore, PayPal offers Buyer and Seller Protection, which makes both sides of a transaction simply feel comfortable.

PayPal Cares for Your Customers

Satisfied buyers translate to your profits. The more you make, the better for PayPal. As a consequence, PayPal – as a part of the newly introduced PayPal Refunded Returns Service – offers your Customers the ability to return an item they purchased from you and paid for using PayPal. Neither you nor your customer cover return costs – PayPal does!

PayPal Is Where You and Your Customers Are

The number of transactions performed using mobile devices is constantly growing. This is why the PayPal payment website is automatically adjusted to the mobile device used for payment by the buyer, which makes purchases easier than ever. Positive impressions from making payments increase the probability that customers will visit your website again.

PayPal Is Not Free, But It Is Fair

PayPal fees are as easy as 2 x 2. You know what and how much you pay for in advance – without fixed monthly fees, registration fees, fine print or hidden costs; and there is more – PayPal supports the growth of your business by offering rates tailored to your profits.