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From Customer Adoption to customer Loyalty

Converge has a deep knowledge on CRM and Loyalty programs and can support any innovative customer engagement program that a client might need in order to keep their customers happy and ensure their long lasting relationship with their brand.

Converge has a proprietary CRM solution but can also offer services of migration or integration with other CRM Market Solutions like (Sales Force, SugarCRM, Siebel) Our own proprietary solutions can be customized to meet the clients specific needs and it is offering all functionalities and characteristics of a full-featured CRM with a simple and scalable structure, so that it can be used by companies of all sizes and be integrated with existing IT infrastructure. The data will be stored and managed in secure servers with state of the art technologies.

Basic functionalities are:

  • Creation and monitoring of contacts and accounts
  • Collaboration of multiple users within a company
  • Support and execution of marketing campaigns over wizards
  • Monitoring of KPIs of marketing and sales activities of each user
  • Sales support
  • Presentation of sailed pipeline
  • Ticketing system (bugs and issues) to be used for customer and contract support
  • Monitoring and reporting of customer support
  • Secure access over Web browser from anywhere

Converge can also provide migration and data adaptation services so that these can be loaded to a new CRM, following the requirements of different company departments. In regard to the reporting part, Converge can train the end-users on the creation of any report.

The CRM can be installed in a company server, or can be provided over the Web in the form of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).