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Converge helps clients attract, retain and engage with their customers by designing and implementing digital campaigns through email marketing to banner advertising or SEM campaigns and social media. Digital Marketing includes all marketing activities implementing a digital strategy defined together with the Brand/Client in order to reach his goals. These activities are mainly campaigns through Search Engines, Social Media channels and Email:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Search Engine Marketing (SEM):SEO (on-page & off-page) and Cost Per Lead/click¬†campaigns
  • Social Media Campaigns (e.g. games, contests, support and running)
  • Email marketing (Newsletter) based on advanced platforms (e.g. Experian,Mailchimp)

Online campaigns are measured based on advanced Google Analytic configurations, as well as other reporting tools.

In more Detail:


Search Engine Optimization, often referred to as SEO, is used to improve a web-site’s or eshop’s visibility in search engines organic placement, especially on ¬†Converge has an inhouse ¬†SEO team that can improve the authority of your¬†website using¬†the following techniques:

  • On Site Optimization
  • Link building – Offsite
  • SEO optimized Content
  • Local SEO for Local Businesses
  • Social Engagement
  • Google updates code

Search Engine Optimization, referred to as SEM, is using  a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising tactic. This type of advertising is available on both search and affiliate networks and is used by the 3 major search networks: Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Social Media Campaigns

Converge offers Social Media Management and development of apps for Games, quiz and other campaigns. Social Media is an essential channel for a successful Digital Marketing campaign, acquiring new customers and building brand loyalty.

It is known that Google and other leading search engines prioritize websites that produce dynamic and engaging content for their users. The channels we mostly work with are Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram depending on the brand’s market field¬†and target group. Services that we offer summerize in:

  • Social Media Strategy and Content creation and Management
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Facebook Ad Management


Email Marketing

Converge has a big portfolio of clients that we offer Email Marketing services like Playmobil, SEAT, BMW, Vivechrom, Maillis, MiniCooper. Email Marketing  is one of the most cost-effective ways of regularly keeping contact with your customers and the cheapest form of Digital Marketing. It can be used to acquire new customers, persuade them to buy again, let them know of new services/products and support customer loyalty by enhancing the customer relationship and reinforcing your brand message. The biggest advantage though so far is that email marketing generates an instant response so that campaigns can be measured, adapted and improved upon quickly.