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PRC Group – The Management House S.A. was established in Athens in 1989 as a Planning and Research Consultancy practice. Today, PRC Group is a leading provider of integrated professional services to business and institutional clients in more than 50 countries, operating out of four European capitals: Athens, Copenhagen, London and Madrid.

PRC Group employs 250 professionals with expertise in management, marketing, branding, communications, research and analysis, human development, financial services, information technologies, visual communication, design, journalism, media, public administration and education.

PRC Group companies have been granted numerous awards for their services in the areas of human resources, communications, marketing, publishing and graphic design.


MRB Hellas SA, is the leading market research company, which has contributed significantly to the field of communication and reducing risk in decision making. The objective of MRB is to participate in strategic decisions of our clients, based on reliable scientific data and research, incorporating advanced knowledge and intelligence derived from wider socio-cultural, socio-Consumer, Social-Political and Social-MME data bases, which invest in 360o Stereo Occupancy. mrb
TMI is an international pioneer in consulting services and has a network of more than 35 countries around the world. TMI offers solutions, through training, consulting, and tools, for individuals, teams and organizations to transform organizational culture and excel by effectively managing productivity, relationships and quality. tmi
Predicta S.A. is a provider of integrated software solutions, consulting and highly qualified educational services in the field of Predictive Analytics. The company’s solutions include IBM SPSS software for data collection, statistical analysis, modeling and forecasting.
TACK is a well-known human development company offering training services to more than 50 countries around the world. The major areas of competence of TACK International are Sales and Marketing. tack
Relate offers specialized services for relations management based on integrated contact centers. Related has strong call center infrastructures, but the added value of the company is the processes in building functional contact centers. related
The Great Place to Work ® Institute, Inc. is a management consultancy and research services based in the U.S. and associate members worldwide. The Great Place to Work ® Institute Hellas is a partner in Greece of the Great Place to Work ® Institute Europe and has a very strong position in the evaluation of work environments in the country. GPTW
Converge ICT Solutions & Services offers a variety of services and products in a wide spectrum of Telecommunications and Information Technologies and is leading the Innovation Unit of PRC Group. converge_ICT_Innovation_logo_2012A-02