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In recent years there has been an explosion in the number of applications that utilize multiple heterogeneous sensors and network sensors such as cameras, microphones, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, radio frequency tags (RFID), wireless sensor networks, ZigBee, etc.

These applications are typically networked with numerous sensors through multiple wireless and wired broadband infrastructures, thus extending internet technologies with sensor technologies and leading to the modern trend of the Internet-of-Things (IoT), which may lead to applications of significant value for SMEs.

Despite the growing number of sensor applications, there are still no mature methodologies and tools for general purpose design, implementation, integration and finally the management of multiple sensor applications. The development of systems that collect, manage and combine information from multiple heterogeneous sensors, requires complex procedures for the development of middleware libraries, to collect and process information from different sensors, in combination with information relating to the business logic of applications developed and eventually integration with
other information systems (eg. Enterprise resource planning (ERP), production management systems, etc.).

Project “Epikouros” main goal is to design and develop a virtualized middleware platform that would allow to easily create and structure environments that, in turn, would allow the collection, management and integration of information generated by multiple sensors and sensor-networks, as well as the management of business process procedures that are supported by the sensors’ infrastructure.

Furthermore, the virtualized platform “Epikouros” will provide an application development environment as well as management of business procedures that are based upon multiple heterogeneous sensors. This environment will provide the tools for accessing the information and capabilities of the sensors, the ability to combine information from different sensors, as well as the business process management that is based on the sensor system. At the same time, it should allow for the integration of these procedures with other information systems (i.e. ERP, CRM, MES etc.).

Project duration (in months): 30 months (End of Project: 12 May 2015)

Total project budget: € 439.225,07 co-funding by Hellenic GSRT

Project coordinator: Converge ICT Solutions & Services S.A.