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The aim of the ISISEMD project is to provide a pilot of innovative intelligent set of scalable services that will support the independent living of elderly people in general and in particular the group of elderly with cognitive problems or mild dementia and at the same time to support the formal and informal caregivers in their daily interaction with the elderly.

The services will improve the elderly ability for self-care by support for their basic daily activities in way that prevents health risks in their homes. The services will also strengthen the daily interaction with their social sphere – partners and relatives, friends and care-givers, giving them the feeling of safety and preventing their social isolation. Last but not least, their cognitive training and activation will be strengthened.

To prove wide applicability in Europe, the pilot will be validated and tested in realistic conditions for 12-month period in four Member States regions which have extensive experience from existing tele-home care services for elderly.

Converge is providing in the ISISEMD project the Ecosystem platform which is responsible for the intelligent home automation services including home safety, life style pattern analysis and indoors activity monitoring of the patients.

Moreover, it is responsible for the development of the portal itself upon which various other systems are going to be integrated in order to provide the final service bouquet to the end users. Converge is strongly interested and committed for including the pilots of the ISISEMD project in its business lifecycle. It is willing to contribute and undertake to business expansion activities through the ISISEMD platform, and liaise with other national or private institutions (hospitals, care giving houses, etc.) in order to apply the ISISEMD best practice and enhance its viability.