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Converge undertook the design and development of the brand new website of ΣΑΚΑ (Athens College Alumni Association).

The existing website is fully implemented in WordPress. ΣΑΚΑ’s previous website had many particularities that we had to be migrated to the new one, such as the login and authentication of the existing members’ database. The new website offers functionalities for search into the members database by year of graduation, fields of study and so as fields of business sector.

Members can get in touch with alumni through this website and be informed about events and news of their alumni network.

Beyond the informative nature of the website, ΣΑΚΑ maintains its own Sports Department, as the alumni (among others) have created their own Football, Basketball  and Volleyball teams and take part in competitions of the national federations. Converge SA in order to fullfill their needs used a sporting plugin that can support all the requirements of Athens College Alumni Association.