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Vivechrom New Branding

Converge completed the redesign of the corporateĀ Website of Ā Vivechrom after their Rebranding. Vivechrom is the leadingĀ paints industry and one of the largest industries in Greece.

This corporate website has aĀ full productĀ list,Ā an inspirational guide, eshop for selling theĀ colour fandeck and a lot of supporting documents and info about the products.Ā Helpful tools for the users such as paint calculator and a decorating app “VIVEdeco” to the user visualize a color in a room from anĀ uploaded photograph. Other functionalities areĀ user scrapbooks, points-of-sale near you and pretty much everything a user needs when it comes to painting.

Converge providesĀ supportĀ and maintenance to all these functionalities