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22 Jun

Achilleas Accessories

Achilleas Accessories, founded in 1978, was the first Greek company to serve the women’s accessories market and subsequently established itself as the market leader. The company has capitalised upon its leadership position and features an extensive retail network.

To help Achilleas Accessories promote their unique collections, Converge redesigned and developed a new modern and easy to use website with a special feature, which enables visitors to buy the products online and also subscribe in order to receive the company’s newsletters, making the online shopping a pleasant experience.

The amazing UI and UX design of this Magento store is the reason why it has been added at the top of the list. The elegant and minimalist interface of this remarkable Magento store is sure to impress its visitors and compel them to interact with the available options.

The e-shop we developed offers visitors the opportunity to find and buy online a wide range of casual clothes, shoes and accessories, through a quick and easy checkout process, offering a variety of payment methods (Credit card, PayPal, Cash on Delivery, Viva Payments). With the support of the reliable payment gateway and seamless checkout process, customers will love to visit the store again for shopping more accessories. Moreover, the blog section of the store is also legible.

On a usability level, our basic goal was to simplify the product searching process with the use of the appropriate filters including price and size.

The development of the e-shop was based on responsive web design technologies, so that the website can adapt to different screen sizes of mobile phones, tablets, notebook and desktop computers. This way all website visitors have the same user experience, regardless of how they access it.

Finally, Achilleas Accessories’ new e-shop was implemented with Magento, the popular e-commerce platform, which makes content management easier and less time-consuming.