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24 Nov

Converge ICT, the leading Magento solution provider in Greece, is partnering with adaplo in order to help Magento stores get more sales from their website visitors. Through the partnership, Magento merchants of any size can now seamlessly leverage Adaplo’s robust retargeting platform to run highly-effective retargeting campaigns for their Magento stores.

In 2016 retargeting, has become a must-have feature of every store, as newsletter became 3 years ago. This is because 72% of ecommerce shoppers are likely to abandon their shopping carts before making a purchase. Only 8% will return to complete one on their own, but dynamic remarketing can increase that to 26%.

Using adaplo, Magento stores can effortlessly create dynamic retargeting ads on both Google and Facebook that will be live in a matter of minutes. Adaplo bidding and targeting optimization algorithm will auto-optimize the campaigns delivering superior performance with more than 30% improvement versus manually optimized campaigns.

The effortless setup of adaplo on Magento stores is done via a native Magento extension that adaplo has created and has been expertly reviewed by Converge ICT. This partnership is just the start, as adaplo is preparing to enrich the Magento extension in order to facilitate the creation of more campaign types.